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Welcome to Cooksville!

Enjoy your stay, stick to the below rules whilst you're here and everything will be sweet!


In the far away land of Yonder, past the forest of the Flomflom trees, there's a dusty old town called Cooksville.
Folks there are called 'Cookies'. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just Rinky Dinky rotten.
The sharpest little Cookie of them all is Georgie Green, and she's the town's Sheriff!

rinky dinky rascals

Rinky Dinky Rascals

Can our cool-headed Sheriff and her trusty Deputy outsmart the Rinky Dinky Rascals and return the guarded gold, safely to the bank.
Fruitloops the Clown

Fruitloops the Clown

Join Georgie and Will as they chase Fruitloops the crafty clown, and try to set the captured Bruno bear free.

Runaway Train

Runaway Train

Fun at Cooksville’s train station turns to disaster when the train leaves without the driver.
Can Georgie and Will save the trapped twins before the train reaches the broken bridge.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Nobody in Cooksville knows who Father Christmas is, except our favourite Sheriff.
But what's with that big sack of cookies?



Mazes, puzzles, dot-to-dots, crosswords and more!

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Who knows what's coming next
Check back for more details...

Cooksville's Characters


Sheriff Georgie

Georgie was raised by her father, who was Cooksville's Sheriff at the time.
With the knowledge from her father and her mother's spirit, Georgie became 'The sharpest little Cookie in Cooksville'.

Deputy Will

Best friends, school friends and now Sheriff and Deputy, Will and Georgie are never far away from each other. Will helps Georgie look after Cooksville and is always by her side to lend a hand when needed.

Marty Gray

With 30+ years in the Graphics Production industry, Marty turned his attention to children's character books.
All he needed was some decent content!